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cryrusher XF770 electric bike

great product good value as described by seller. Impressed.



Illegal in uk

These are illegal on UK roads. The maximum wattage is 250w to be a eapc (electrically assisted pedal cycle).

customer service

id had the bike for nearly a year all going well riding 15+miles to and from work easy, when one morning on the way to work i lost all power, i contacted cyrusher after returning home to explain my situation and explain the bike was still under warranty, we went through step by step diagnostics to solve the matter in the end it was a (battery issue) and they kindly replaced the battery, i can only commend their time frame on dealing with the matter given they are based in china and i live in the uk and found their customer service exemplary

cruisin like in heaven

das bike ist mein 3. rad und funbike! dachte ich beim kauf! nun fahre ich seit einem jahr fast täglich! selbst im winter mitm snowboard! abzug nur fürs licht und den ständer! das licht nutze ich nicht, sondern ein usb. der ständer war eh unnötig! kaufempfehlung! 5 freunde haben nach ner testfahrt auch gekauft!!!!!

A gem, but pity about the inadequate instructions!

I received my bike last week and have been really impressed.Assembly took the best part of a half day, but it seems to be well made, although the flashy decals on the wheels were peeling a little even before the bike had been removed from the box! Any misgivings were soon swept away when I started to ride it, and its ability to accelerate on the flat, and provide massive assistance on hills, are really exhilarating!The scope for adjusting the saddle and handlebar height is very wide, and even as a 6-footer I had no trouble getting a comfortable riding position. My bike came with black plastic mudguards (which is something I would myself have purchased and fitted, had this not been the case), but I am still looking to fit a parcel rack, rear light (front one was supplied) and warning bell. I do not think any of these will prove problematic. I thought that supplying a lock, assembly/repair tools and tyre pump as part of the deal was a nice touch.My biggest criticism by far lies in the total inadequacy of the instructions. Obviously the manufacturer's budget didn't run to employing anyone who could speak intelligible English. I find this a real irritation: just look at the absurd warnings that appear on the crossbar! The formal written instructions feature the same deficient text, and to add insult to injury, do not exhaustively cover all the basic functions, and are printed in a minute type size that really requires the use of a magnifying glass. I know how to switch the front light on and off only because it features in the promotional video, but have still not managed to change the display from kph to mph. Doubtless I'll work out how to do this in due course, but it really ought to be clearly explained in the instructions.Conclusion: even at its new, higher price (the price has risen by £200 in the last few days) I still recommend this product. Long term reliability will be a key factor, however, since it is mechanically and electrically complex, and re...

Far range

Best bike ever torch speed pedal assists long range reliability

En panne

J’ai ce vélo depuis le mois d’octobre 2018 et j’ai pris jusqu’à présent un réel plaisir au mois de janvier et février le le vélo n’a pas sorti Et depuis il est en panne à cause nous supposons de l’écran LCD nous en sommes déjà à 35 échange de mails j’espère que le fabricant va m’envoyer la pièce je vous en dirai plus

A great bike if you intend to use it predominantly off road

It arrived before the due delivery date and was relatively easy to assemble.The bike is a powerful and impressive machine that is able to function off road in challenging conditions. It attracts almost too much attention for a bike that does not conform to UK regulations for use on road. Off road the twist grip accelerator is perfect for muddy standing starts and negotiating narrow bumpy paths. The the pedal assist tends to kick in slowly but even eco mode (the lowest setting) is capable of a major forward thrust.Fortunately I live in an area with a multitude of Heathland Bridleways and have a smaller (legal) ebike for on road use. Not recommended for urban areas due to the possibility of incurring a fine.


Omg what a bike stunning...the seller is very helpfull in all ways and quick response 10/10..My Own Bat Bike

Mmmm ok

It looks better on pictures than in person. The bike was also a little difficult to assemble

Don't forget to register with the DVLA and take your motorcycle test!

Whilst ultimately the buyers responsibility they really should be a bit clearer about what you are buying here. This bike is not legal to ride on UK roads or cycle paths unless you register it with the DVLA, wear a motorcycle helmet and have the appropriate licence. Google "Electric bikes: licensing, tax and insurance"

Love the bike

The design is great, the bike looks awesome. The assembly was tough, the instructions were in Chinese, as an avid mountain biker I didn’t really need a lot of direction, but there were some things that made me scratch my head. It took me 45 minutes to assemble although 30 of that was looking for the English instructions online. The company is clearly good at making bikes, just not as good at website organization. That being said, the bike is awesome.

Vélo tout terrain

Après quelques démêlés avec le vendeur ( en chine) sur le fait que la batterie ne soit pas livrée en même temps que le vélo (compter 2 semaines supplémentaire) pour pouvoir essayer votre vélo et voir si tout va bien.A part ça, Extrbici a toujours répondu en temps et en heure à mes questions.Le vélo par lui même est super et d'une très très bonne qualité.Je le conseil fortement surtout pour le prix....

Easy to assemble loads of fun.

I found this bike fairly easy to assemble and easy the set up for my 6 foot 1 frame. I found it quite tricky to ride to begin with as the motor seamed to kick in when least expected on my first electric bike (when about to turn corners). The 500w motor is just the job for taking the sting out of hills however I find the stated battery life / distance greatly over exaggerated but my build and the severity of the hill will play a part in this. The bike is fun to ride, came with mud guards( luckily I was truggling to find fat mudguards before the bike arrived) it is heavy to peddle once the battery is dead. On the road the bike handles great however it come into its own in the mud, wind, on sand or on ice the fat tyres are very stable. The 3 motor settings make the battery life / effort easy to control. I love this bike and don’t miss sweating like a race horse in the wind or on a long hill, but do find myself going further knowing that I have the battery to get me home when my legs are shot. Great price good spec top Amazon purchase

Xf770 frein hydraulique

Achat livré rapidement et rien à redire sur l’emballage. Tous fonctionne normalement. A noter le manque d'info pour le montage. Rien de compliqué... Bien penser à serrer la colonne de direction (vis btr sur le haut sous cache caoutchouc avant de serrer la potence du guidon. (sinon grand jeu dans la colonne !!!) A noter l'amortisseur arrière très bas de gamme (un simple ressort) Attention, nombreux modèle xf 770 certains avec des freins à câble mécanique ;-( Pour le jeu désagréable de la batterie dans son logement il est facile de mettre du ruban adhésif sous et sur le coté de la batterie afin de réduire ce jeu qui peut être désagréable sur chemin. Aucune gène en ville. A voir à l'usage. Bien être conscient que c'est un vtt de balade.

Poor customer service!

Bike looks good but now can’t use as the power cable is faulty and they are saying it’s going to take 2 weeks or more to get a replacement part! It has took a week to get this answer. So if I wait I won’t have been able to use bike for first month.

Bici ottima se non si fa estremo.

Ottima bici da km. AUtonomia molto alta. Velocità e Potenza. E più bici elettrica che assistita. Non adatta al vero estremo ma molto sicura in discesa anche su sterrati o sconnesso. Ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo. Consiglio.

A solid buy. Great value and great price. I highly recommend.

There are a lot of things I like about this.The small things tend to catch my mind, and are less talked about by most people, so I'll start with those.MINOR THINGS:PROS- The shifters are easily accessible from the natural grip position, unlike most bikes, where you have to lift your fingers to shift to higher gear, much like how you need to do for the brakes. I LOVED that I didn't have to do that for gear shifting.- buying this comes with af ree tuneup and assembly. This is GREAT. I love it. A tune-up costs around 80 dollars, and amazon provides it for FREE. The shifters not being in the right range, the brakes being slightly off, the spokes being misaligned.. all that jazz. You don't always know what to adjust, or if you do, it's not always the easiest to get precise. My guy did a great job. He even gave me a call so that I could reschedule earlier, since the bike comes earlier than the stated delivery date, usually. I got teh bike, I rescheduled, and I had it assembled the next morning. This of course is subjective to avialability, so don't always expect it. Its' dependent on your local area and scheduling. But it worked out great for me.- The electronic power level shifters are soft touch, and not all spikey and hard like some other brands. This is a big deal when you're riding on rough terrain, and you're trying to press the button. Pointy parts will really dig into your skin. Good job.- The folding is low-friction. Very easy.- Fits in an accord sedan trunk!- Has full suspension (front shocks as well as rear shocks- The front shocks has the ability to turn it on / off (lock).- The seast is comfy. It's not super skinny where it hurts you. It's not the super fat plus kind either, but it's medium, cushy enough, and quite comfy.- The power level is 0 through 5. That's quite nice. You really don't want so many steps from min power to max power settings. 5 is perfect.- The level 1 power level delivers quite a bit of power. this is not a pro or con, since it's subj...


The fact it came 3 weeks early, easy to assemble great ease cycle and very stylish.2 friends are thinking of purchasing this bike...great fun

Fat bike XF800

J' attends la batterie qui est expédiée à partSinon vélo au look sympa, bons équipements, confortable. Je redonnerai avis après l' avoir essayé...Voilà maintenant quelques semaines d'utilisation ( 350km) avec beaucoup de satisfaction ( confort, performances, look, plaisir de conduite...) Mais aujourd'hui je suis en panne : le vélo ne veut plus s'allumer, malgré batterie chargée, après de nombreux essais pas d'allumage de l'assistance ? Contact avec le vendeur, j'attends sa solution .Le problème réglé, ( rapidement ?) J' attriburai un 5 étoiles !!!AU 6 MARS 2019 VELO TOUJOURS EN PANNE. Extrbici le vendeur ne me repond pas ou semble ne pas comprendre ma situation sans chercher à regler le probleme, compte tenu de l' investissement je conseille d' EVITER ce vendeur. Sinon le XF800 EST SUPER quand il fonctionnait !!!

Hoffnung auf Besserung

Ursprünglich mit 5 Sternen bewertet: gute Lackierung, leistungsfähiger Akku, starker Motor (auch wenn es, nach einem Vergleich mit einem S-Pedelec tatsächlich nur 500W sind, aber das reicht völlig), einfache Montage: ich war 3 Monate sehr zufrieden.Dann ein Regenschauer, das Display war innen feucht beschlagen, eine 15% Steigung brachte den völlig überforderten Regler zum Ausschalten, zuletzt lösten sich die Schrauben der Brensen. Lebensgefahr. Statt Service gabs nur warme Worte.Nach über drei Monaten heftigen Wortwechsels kam, kaum noch erwartet ein Mechanikerteam aus China. Zwar war nur eine Kommunikation auf englisch möglich, aber die war in Ordnung und sehr freundlich. Außerdem wurde versprochen, dass ein deutscher Service im Aufbau sei. Eine Entschädigung für die verlorenen Monate dieses Jahrhundertsommers und für den erlebten Ärger wird leider immer noch abgelehnt.So ist, alles in Allem, eine Bewertung mit drei Sternen mehr als fair.Hoffen wir, dass zukünftige Kunden mehr Glück haben

Weltbester Service!!! Nur zu empfehlen

Im Mai 2018 habe ich das Bike mit einem Ersatz-Akku direkt beim Händler in China bestellt (nicht über Amazon). Es kam am 21.04.2018 an. Das Fahrrad war schnell zusammen gebaut. Ich war absolut begeistert. Ein Fat-Bike, welches richtig was her macht. Alles war in Ordnung.Bis 2200 km lief alles ohne Probleme. Dann plötzlich fing das Fahrrad beim Trampeln an zu ruckeln. Es fühlte sich wie ein Tretlagerschaden an. 15 km bevor ich zu Hause war blieb das Fahrrad mit ERROR 10 (Communication receiving failure) liegen. Ich nahm per E-Mail Kontakt mit dem Hersteller auf. Dieser schicke mir einen neuen Controller. Ich baute den neuen Controller ein. Leider ohne Erfolg. Jetzt wurde mir ERROR 08 angezeigt (Throttle failure). Ich nahm wieder Kontakt mit dem Händler auf. Dieser schicke mir dann einen neuen Gashebel. Ich baute den Gashebel (Gaszug) ein und freute mich als beim Einschalten des Bikes kein Fehler mehr angezeigt wurde. Ich machte sofort eine Probefahrt. Diese endete nach ca. 100 Metern. Das Fahrrad ruckelte wieder und es wurde ERROR 07 (Motor failure) angezeigt. Ich nahm sofort wieder Kontakt mit dem Hersteller auf.Zu meiner absoluten Verwunderung kam folgende unerwartete Antwort per E-Mail:---------------------------------------------------------------------Hi XXXX,You are welcome.Can you be at home on December 12, 2018?Our Cyrusher technical team will perform on-site repairs for your bike on this day.Looking forward to your reply.Thanks.Best regards.---------------------------------------------------------------------Ich konnte es nicht glauben. Techniker aus China wollten bei mir vorbei kommen und das Bike reparieren.Sofort nahm ich mir einen Tag Urlaub und sagte den Termin zu!!Am 12.Dezember 2018 um 10:00 Uhr standen dann wirklich zwei sehr freundliche Techniker aus China vor meiner Tür. Innerhalb von zwei Stunden wechselten sie den defekten Motor und checkten zusätzlich alles durch.Das Fahrrad fährt wieder wunderbar.So einen Service habe ich noch nie erlebt. So...

Amazing Rides through New York City ...

An e-bike has been on my wish list for a long time. I've been doing some research on the internet until I got to see the Cyrusher XF-660. I don't know anything about the brand but I loved the design, exactly how I want my e-bike to look. Riding this bike in New York City, people will stare at your bike and have a conversation with you when waiting for the traffic lights.The price on Amazon was/is $1639 but that particular week there was a coupon offer of $120 and I'd get another $60 off if I would apply for the Amazon Card, with the possibility of paying this off in 12 months without interest. Total cost $1459 for the the black yellow frame XF-660. I received the bike a week later but then I noticed a difference in color of the rims . After I sent them an email, they shipped out a new wheel ... and again, the color still didn't match. Now I had three rims with all different color yellow. At that point I got upset but then I made a deal with them if I could keep the extra rim. I didn't like the painted rims after all so I went to The Home Depot to get paint remover. I removed the paint from the rims and I have to admit that I like the aluminum wheels better then the painted ones. Next thing I did is to order new tires and a comfortable saddle with integrated tail light. I wanted low profile tires because I live in New York and I use the bike in the city. I switched from 26x4" to 26x3".These tires don't make that much noise and have low-rolling resistance which increased the speed with 7 to 9 km p/h. It is just smooth cruising. Speeding through Central Park New York City with 53 km / 32 miles p/h on a bike (at night when there's nobody) feels just amazing!!!! I love the bike and I can't wait for the summer to come to explore New York further more. I also purchased the Bryton Rider 530 GPS Cycling Computer which has the possibility to connect using WiFi instead of Bluetooth. This Cycling Computer is worth to consider as well if you need a good cycling computer. See ...

Cyrusher XF770 Folding Electric Bike

Love this bike so far.. Put 30 miles on in 3 days.. Love how easy it folds, don't know why someone said it was difficult.. Also fits nicely in the back seat of my Toyata Camry.. Will write a more detailed review soon..