"Cyrusher" is the abbreviation of Cycling Rusher, which means the sprinter and market leader in the bicycle industry. The leading manufacturing technology company of electric sports gears such as electric skateboards and electric bicycles. We are specializing in research, development, and sales of outdoor/sports products.

Our company is located in the vicinity of Shenzhen Baoan District Airport. It was established in September 2014 and is mainly engaged in the import and export of various medium and high-end bicycles (mountain, highway, folding, electric, intelligent), components and related accessories.

Throughout the years, continuous practices with our well-developed production process lead us forward. After nearly 4 years of development, our company grows, and we have set up a branch office in Chongqing with independent R&D team and IT engineers connected under the foreign partner system. Moreover, obtained trademark registration and patent applications for Cyrusher in the US, EU, Japan, Australia, China, and other international regions. Besides, we have an excellent reputation with our customers who range from different countries over the world, and we are so proud of the many successful relationships continues to this day.

By now, we provide cost-effective products and services to our consumers in more than 100 regions around the world through the Internet and many other channels.

Our Mission:
· Produce qualified products with on-time delivery at a competitive price.
· Dedicate to our clients’ needs
· Provide complete and satisfactory solutions to our customers.
· Make sports fun and easy.

We wish we could become the most prominent outdoor sports sales platform In the future, high-quality, best-priced outdoor/sports brands in China will sell well through our hands and to the world.

Welcome to Cyrusher Sports Team

Making Sports Easy and Fun.

Thanks for choosing Cyrusher again and let us start a NEW journey together!